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Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Hey team.

Sorry for letting down the blogging side for a while, but I've actually been enjoying some quite well-deserved holidays. Okay, so my life might not seem the most taxing, but I can assure you that this is the first time in like, ages, that I've been able to spend a whole week just lying around and doing nothing. Actually, this blog entry is a little intimidating! It feels a bit like how it must feel for normal people who have to go back to work after their two week holiday in Bali or Hamilton or wherever middle-class people go to relax from their government jobs.

So I'll just give a brief rundown of my life in the past week or so, and see if any of you find it at all interesting:

Firstly, the wedding. It was very nice. The food was unreal, I looked hot, the bride's dress actually looked nice so I didn't have to pretend it didn't look like a shredded sack of ratshit, and the champagne flowed freely. Of course, there was a downside: no hot perv factor! Well, I did have my eye on this one guy. He was one of the groomsmen and was quite stunning. I was sure he was gay: he had some serious hair product-y shit going on, and his sideburns were too well-sculpted. But then he had some tacky moll hanging off him all night, and it turns out he was married to said tacky moll and actually had reproduced with her. Ugh, embarrassing. I should of known that he wasn't gay. I mean, he showed no interest in me at all. In fact, the only thing he said to me was a drunken compliment on my tie. Punk. Sigh.

So, then what happened? Oh, I went to my parents' beach house for a few days of hardcore relaxing. I read two (non-school!) books, three magazines, tanned like a trojan, and drank every night. Ahhh, good times. I even started attempting cryptic crosswords! God I'm lame. And I suck at them, but I'm giving them a decent go. I've already decided that improving my cryptic crossword ability shall be my New Year's resolution. Well, that and giving up Diet Coke and getting a job. But baby steps, people. I like to pace myself.

Hmm, what else has been going on? Oh! I booked a holiday in Noosa for the week leading up to Christmas. With Cap Guy. Which shall be nice, as the hotel is all beach-front and splendid. Ridiculously expensive, but nice. So I shall have to have all my Christmas shopping and organising done by then. Which is bad, as at the moment--having been home for two days already!--I've began to look for my first serious job ever. Which, people, is scaring me. Seriously. If I can't find one, I'll just do Honours next year. But I have found NOTHING decent. Well, some look decent, but I'm too embarrassed by my inexperience and green-ness to apply. Should I bite the bullet and just apply to these jobs, even though my applications will be laughed at, photocopied and circulated throughout the publishing industry of Sydney? Or should I just happily live in squalor here in Vegas for the next twenty years? Oh God. I can feel a panic attack brewing.

And... that's about it. I seem to have missed out a lot this week: Ian Thorpe has HIV (well, rumoured, HA), Idol finished, and, well. That's it, I guess. Although that sounds like a lot to me. Particularly when nothing much happens normally. OH! I had a quite cracking erotic dream about an old friend of mine. It was quite strange. The dream itself was quite... filthy and hardcore and, well, seedy. I would repeat the details but I feel dirty just re-living them in my mind. Hehe.

But it is quite nice to be back. I missed you all! And didn't you miss me?