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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
I was quite sad when Belinda Emmett died. I don't know why; I never saw her on Home and Away, and I'm quite aware of how snitty some people can get about the preferential treatment of high-profile cancer/illness sufferers. But for some reason I was always so... I don't know, melancholy about poor Belinda. For like, the last ten years! I suppose it's just because she's young and blonde. And it's not as if anyone was shocked by her death. She'd obviously been planning it for some time, and her and Rove's wedding was tainted by it's, well, hurried-ness. Sort of like a reverso-shotgun wedding: instead of rushing to be married to bring forth new life into the sanctity of God, etc., their wedding was rushed so she could experience married life with the man she loved! Sniff! See! SAD! Poor Belinda Emmett.

Anyhoo, The Sydney Morning Herald website is running some slideshow about her, and it is AWFUL. Seriously guys, don't look. It will just make you depressed. It's like her progress from health to death in the space of thirty seconds. It's a bit like that scene at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when that dude kind of ages and melts when he drinks from the Fool's Grail or whatever. Yikes. But life is sad sometimes, I guess. My father works in oncology, so I'm used to the idea of cancer (I'm still terrified of getting it though!). But even so, Belinda Emmett make me sort of cringe whenever I saw her.

I also don't like how the papers talked about her death. All that shit about "losing her battle" and "giving in" etc. WTF? It's sort of like she's a lesser person as she died of a friggin' hardcore disease. You could sort of parallel it with all the pro-Kylie stuff going around at the moment, seeing as she's currently touring Australia. Cancer discourse is quite interesting. Perhaps I could do my Honours in it!