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Thursday, November 30, 2006
So Dicko is meant to be returning to Australian Idol next year? Huh? Worst. Career. Path. EVER. Seriously, I'm all for Dicko and everything, but what exactly was the point of crossing over to channel 7 during his pinnacle? Oh yes, that's right: it's called "chasing the money and being a greedy asswipe". Silly me. I mean, I know it sounds a little hypocritical of me to eyeroll someone for looking for a little income supplementation, but honestly! Couldn't Dicko have seen that his foray into Channel 7 was an utter disaster? Basically it was a two-year shake-down of Channel 10. Just ask for more money in the first place, fo', and then we wouldn't have been subjected to Kyle Sandilands.

Kyle perplexes me. He is clearly trying to fill the shoes of Dicko. But while Dicko was never exactly mean per se--most of his "put downs" were actually pieces of constructive criticism phrased in a quip--Kyle just tries way too hard to be "mean". And he isn't even very good at being mean. But the most confusing part of Kyle is that he can actually be quite nice. I don't mean "nice" in the la dee dar cupcakes and butterflies way, but when he's relaxed he actually has a personality that would be much more appropriate for his judging duties. Was I the only one who watched Celebrity Big Brother? Because from what I remember of that, he was quite cool and sensitive and much more well-rounded. It just goes to show how much of his "game face" is a badly fitting mask.

But that article suggests that all the judges would remain on Idol. Which would be weird. I have a great idea! How about they just cancel the show already?

Yeah! That works!

Also, whoever wrote that article sucks. No more template journalism, please. I am obviously an expert of journalism (having started JOUR1000 and then dropping it in Week 2 in 2002), but the layout was so cookie-cutter-esque. Boo! And really, dredging up that Paulini thing? Sigh.