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Sunday, December 24, 2006
Hey team,

Sorry for the absence of moi. I know it must have been painful. But rest assured my stint in Noosa was very pleasant and I thought of you often! I have a killer tan (avec ugly-ass tan line), and am like, totally broke from over-indulging in nice food and champagne. But that's okay. Cap Guy and I are doing okay at the moment as well. But my sister and her boyfriend may have just broken up today, so maybe we just have weird parallel lives, hehe. Anyhoo, all is good for Christmas.

I finally got in the Christmas spirit today while I was wrapping presents and making pistachio stuffing. Hooray! Christmas! Hope you all have a great day and get lots of goodies. I think I shall be around a lot more now, so don't stress. Although I will be travelling around a bit, and maybe working out Honours topics, etc. Actually, you all can help with that! Brainstorm a few cool ideas to me... or suggest how to work out what to do. I'm a little scared of academia.

But have a nice day. Don't get too drunk and fuck your cousins.