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Sunday, December 10, 2006
Sorry for not posting much lately, but I've been putting off my Christmas-shopping, menu-planning, and house-decorating by staying at Cap Guy's place for the past ten days or so. That's probably the longest period of time I've ever stayed with him in a row, and I think it has cleared up the question of if I could ever live with him or not. I think I'm going insane! I'm doing a cheeky, quick post while he has gone to do some work for an hour, and I feel quite naughty. But I'm so bored with the Gold Coast, and I'm not feeling very comfortable here. He is so anal about his house, and I've had to do things like: not sit on the bed after it's made, take my shoes off indoors, DRY the sink after I use it, properly allign the roller blinds so they are even, do about one thousand loads of laundry... phew! And while he has been working, I have been doing... nothing! Some pool-lounging, some shopping. The Gold Coast is BORING. Even more boring than Brisbane! Thank God I'm going home tomorrow.

And I feel bad that I haven't got the Christmas Spirit yet. I think it's because it is not hot yet. Come on weather, what's going on? I know I will bitch when the heat finally arrives, but deep down I relish the humdity. Okay, I don't. And Christmas in Prague was infinitely more tolerable than the usual heat here, but even so. Somehow it just isn't Christmas until you are drinking an oversized Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks while sweating out of your a-hole.