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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
I'm not normally one to go for the whole New Year's resolution thing--I think they are just another self-enforced way people make themselves feel bad, and who needs staring another replica year in the face?--but secretly, deep down in the Dawei I don't reveal to many people, I actually make a resolution or two. Actually, I make loads. So always at this time of year I begin to feel bad about yet another year of slackness. For example, this year I have broken my resolutions:

1. to stop drinking Diet Coke
2. to join the gym with requisite hot gym clothes
3. to get a job
4. to get a job far away from here
5. start moves to buy a house/apartment
6. be more open with people/businesses/etc. when I am unhappy with outcomes, service, etc.
7. read at least a book a week
8. and many other lame self-promises like these.

I really do think 2007 is going to be my year. However, looking over that list it seems to be exactly the same as my resolutions from last year. But this year, I know I will try harder. I think I have matured somewhat in the past nine months. I am so kicking some ass this year!