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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Cap Guy and I had a massive fight on Sunday night. Normally we don't fight all that much (we just niggle at each other with emotionally manipulative blather and other assorted guilt-inducing prattle). But for some reason he just went off! I was telling him that, as my grandmother is currently updating her will, I slightly suggested that I be the receiver of her artworks. Now, I didn't demand this, or expect it, really, but I thought why shouldn't I get to have some tangible legacy of my grandmother? I mean, I am very close to her, and the other (female) grandkids have been given and promised items from her jewellery collection. I think it is unfair that they should get that enduring token/sentimental value/heirloom/blahblah, while I get shafted. I know I sound schmaltzy, and talking about it is probably going to kick her off early into the Cosmos, but I feel very strongly about this issue!

Anyhoo, I said that and he went mental. He was all indignant and superior and all "blahblah how selfish you are I can't stand it when people fight over inheritances she's not even dead yet blahblah" and was, like, seriously ranting for ages. And I didn't even voice my opinion in a mean or snotty way. I wasn't even talking in monetary terms (although I did say how one cousin will collect about 10 grand in jewellery after she's died), and he was ranting about how I was spoiled and tacky and a bad person for being so greedy and some people don't even HAVE grandmothers, etc. Anyway, so he was, like, seriously foaming at the mouth and he wouldn't listen to me so I ended up saying "okay, I'm getting upset by this, I'm leaving". And as we were in a restaurant, I got up, paid (!), and left. So of course this made him even more furious about me being a baby and storming off and him never been so embarrassed in his life blahblah. And I was all like, whatever. I mean I went up and paid! How is that storming off? And it's not as if I yelled or anything. And we were finished dinner anyway, so I really didn't see his point.

But yes. Do you think it's unreasonable, asking someone who isn't dead (or even sick and dying) for something after they're dead? I mean, I don't think asking for a couple of stupid paintings parallels me with Anna Nicole or anything. Was he overreacting, or I? My issue is with legacy and memories, not money. Just in case you were wondering. I'm not a complete jackass, after all.

PS -- we made up later that night by having anal sex. He was on the bottom. Does that mean he knows he was in the wrong?