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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Is it just me or is anyone else noticing the rather terrifying transformation of Tracy Grimshaw into Naomi Robson? Same painted-on, mismatched mask; same crusty, badly bleached hair that looks like the only wig Medicare will rebate for chemotherapy patients without forcing them to the "out of pocket" expense; same mutton-dressed-as-lamb "style". Blech. And this transformation is also reflected in the demise of her journalistic integrity. Not that she had any before, you know, but I'm expecting her to let fly with a series of "fucks" and "cunts" before bailing herself up in a trailer, caking on more makeup to cover the bruises of an abusive husband/partner (or to cover the old scars of sexual abuse from when she was a young girl) before rushing off to the Bahamas for an "investigative report" on the death of Anna Nicole Smith. (Of course for this scoop she will wear her favourite Marilyn wig and perch some syringes on her shoulder).