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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Spotted outside City Beach, Broadbeach: Courtney from The Biggest Loser! Like, totally ommigod material here. Some slut fucks Ralph Fiennes in a bog while I get reality TV rejects. Sigh. I have no luck. But really. Obviously TBL hasn't taught him much: he was lounging around outside this lame shop--he was seriously propped up against the wall! Like, stand up, tubby--and he was smoking. In public! And not like, the required 4m from the shopfront either. Nice example, loser. Is that how you lost all your weight? I must say he has trimmed done remarkably. Now he looks like a side of ham after you have your butcher trim a little bit of the fat (but not enough that the delicious gooey flavour is absent from the meat). He still has ugly red streaks in his hair, still obviously shops at City Beach (or maybe he was just checking out the teenage faux-punks who pour in there for stripey socks and knee-length shorts), and was wearing those seriously ugly Prada sunglasses with those whirly metal bits on the side. Ugh.