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Thursday, February 22, 2007
Wow, Today Tonight actually fabricates and exaggerates their stories? Really? My God! Stop the presses! Fundamental ideals of journalism, news, and the wider mass media have been shaken to their respective cores!

Or not.

Does anyone think Today Tonight is hard-hitting, truthful, investigative journalism? Because I suspect even the ferals out in Woop Woop and other assorted outer city suburb dwellers would have a hard time believing the truthfulness of this programme. So do you really think it's necessary to fire this poor "journalist"? I mean, obviously sensationalist news is the name of the game. I'm sure the programmers know all about it (and, like, the camera men, etc. certainly would). Just because some lame "dramatisation" subtitle wasn't issued it seems weird to punish this guy because he was doing his job (and bringing along chains to illustrate the woman's feelings of entrapment? Come on! That's gold). It's all about workplace culture fostering negligence and dishonesty. So how can you blame the individual when the wider establishment is at fault? Hmm. By my reasoning, Today Tonight journalists and paedophiles have sort of the same defence. That seems somewhat fitting.

Come back, Naomi Robson! The show is suffering without you!