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Wednesday, March 07, 2007
Anthony Callea is gay.

Erin Brockovich says that "if the Earth dies, we die too".

Tomorrow's headlines: "Kittens are cute!" and "Smoking causes cancer".


Although, isn't it a little silly that Anthony Callea was just somehow involved in the Mardi Gras celebrations (like, on the streets as a roving reported/bulge spotter or whatever?)? Like, obviousness aside, isn't his outing a little too convenient? But then, if it was a manipulated faux-outing, why be such a wuss about it? Being part of a gay pride event and then only having his sexuality revealed through a weather guy or whatever is totally lame and about as, uhm, unpride as you can get. I'm not really one for big, bold, statements, but considering he was staunchly non-gay for a while now, I just hope this "slip" doesn't magically transform him into a hardcore politically savvy token homosexual to be trotted out at subsequent Mardi Gras, AIDS appeals, and David Jones underwear fashion parades. I quite like Anthony (well, apart from his shaved head), and I thought his friendship with Casey Donovan during Idol was cute. But it just seems kind of lame that he has been revealed as a 'mo as if it were a dirty secret during what should be a week that is all pride-y. I know that he probably didn't intend that, but that's the lasting impression of those who get outed. I'm all for dignity and privacy, but I guess in my old age I'm starting to feel that the whole "my private life is private" non-answer a bit grating (*cough*Thorpe*cough*). You don't have to make a song and dance about it (geddit?), just be cool with it and move on.

And now I sound like a tired old queen. I'll just inhale this popper, light my Marlboro Light, badly shave my chest, and slip into my 2xist undies, okay?