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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

This is probably no surprise to anyone, but I am officially a haux-maux. I just caught myself actually wishing that I could be a woman! Not, like, forever in a tranny way, I'm not that bad! But I sort of wished to myself that I could be sans penis for a day or something, so I could totally walk around rocking those unreal C3PO Balenciaga legging thingies. I know they will probably become the new jeans-over-boots or the t-shirt dress, and be seen everywhere (and you just know that if Carrie Bradshaw was still hauling her wizened muff over Manhattan she would be seen pairing them with like, Ugg boots or a sombrero or something), but I don't care.

But as for now I have to go... watch some sports. Or hammer something. Oh! I did just buy some ludicrously cheap IKEA furniture-esque stuff that I could assemble. But admitting that I went and bought items from IKEA isn't exactly attesting to my masculinity, is it?