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Tuesday, April 24, 2007
I don't normally watch Sunday night TV (it's my and Cap Guy's designated "date night" where we go out for food, drinks, and assorted other pleasures). For some reason we were home very early on Sunday night, and I managed to catch my first--and last--moments of Australia's Got Talent. The portion I managed to catch before being horrified into changing the channel was some kiddie fiddler-bait "Bonnie" screaming "Jesus" over and over again in some forced Paulini-esque, chipmonk-y manner. I am not lying. She was all "Jeeeeesus!! JEEEEEEEEEEEESUS!" screaming like she was being molested by the divine spirit (and loving it). Yelch. Save it for after you begin menstruating, Bon.

(I won't even get into how shows like this keep circulating the myth that "good voices" are those that are particularly yell-y, nasal, and attempt several different notes on each word. UGH.)

Anyhoo, somehow she managed to get three "ticks" (lame means of judging, by the way). I would have thought Sweet Bon Bon's youthfulness and glow of virgin appeal would have put off Dannii Minogue, who sort of looks like Kylie Minogue dressed as a 17 year old boy's secret cumrag. But maybe Dannii just wants to keep Bonnie around until she does indeed start menstruating. You know, so she can bathe in her blood. Because, really, Dannii is creepy. And possibly a robot.