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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Oh, man. I am having, like, the worst week this week. For some reason I've been struck down with a Winter cold, even though it's not Winter yet! I mean, I've started to force myself back into jeans, but the heat is still oppressive enough for my genitals to become a hot, sweaty mess by the end of the day. Anyway, I have this cold, and while it isn't completely debilitating, my throat is a nightmare, I keep sneezing and coughing. And it's not as if the coughs are those relieving types (you know, when you cough and your throat catches and then clears phlegm). My coughs just hurt. Hmph. And the problem with having doctors for parents is that they never medicate you. They don't believe in anything to relieve cold symptoms (other than trusty homebrand paracetamol!), so I have to suffer in silence. If I complain, my father is all, "Dawei, today I treated Mrs X: 42 years old, with a tumour the size of a pumpkin sitting in her stomach. And you are whining about a sore throat? Blahblah, guiltybadsoncakes."

But the worst thing about me being sick is that whenever I have a cold I get little pimple things. Like, they look like ingrown hairs. I have like, three at the moment. SO unattractive. Anyway, so coincidentally I had to buy some exfoliant at Clarins, and the girl was like, so giving me sass. I think she saw my little pimply things and thought I was an ignoramus about using exfoliant or something. She was giving me so much attitude: "do you actually know how to use this product?" (Answer: "uhm, you put it on your face and wash it off?" The fuck?). I was just buying a friggin' product from her! I don't know why she was being so snooty, especially when she was like, fifty, and looked like she was the one who needed a good exfoliation. Like, an exfoliation of her entire fucking face. Grrrr.

And to cap it all off today, a bitch on a bike ran into me! And SHE gave me attitude like it was MY fault. Hello, we weren't even on a road or anything, but like, a piazza type thing where people are meant to walk around. She was all "OH! Watch where you're going!". I was actually too shocked for words. God, and cyclists wonder why everyone hates them. It's bad enough they get given a good 2m of road space, and now they act all superior in pedestrian areas? Fuck off.

Sigh, I hate being sick. If I wasn't sick I would have been able to have appropriately sassed her.