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Thursday, May 24, 2007
Even MORE bad media news: I cannot for a second believe that the producers of Big Brother aren't telling housemate Emma that her father died! Are they insane? They say it's because her mother doesn't want to tell her until she's out of the house, so she can "grieve" in her own way. Whatever! And anyway, shouldn't it be Emma's decision? Remember when Katrina's "goldfish" died (well, that was basically discovered to be a code for the photos of her GAPING AND SPLAYED pussy appearing on the Internet)? I thought that the housemates chose what things they could be told about should they happen in the outside world. I'm pretty sure that a father dying of cancer would be up there.


a. Emma's father is a paedophile and used to rape her when she was growing up, and her ensuing negative thoughts about him gave him cancer and she is THRILLED he is dead, and that's why they don't want to show it. Or,

b. It's all a media-scam, as this season is desperate for ratings.