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Tuesday, May 01, 2007
I was feeling a bit down after a vicious attack in my comments ("unskilled", "unemployable", "delusional", how rude!), but then I realised that I've just spent the past four days in Sydney buying up Jil Sander and Prada, and then I didn't care as much. And anyway, my traffic isn't down! It's as mediocre as ever. I guess some people prefer quality to quantity.

But yes. I survived my little trip to Sydney. It was thoroughly enjoyable; I love your nice cooler weather (hooray for being able to wear jackets and closed-toe shoes!), and I relished being free of water restrictions. I think I actually had a twenty minute HOT shower on Sunday morning! I felt very naughty, but oh-so delicious. I haven't had a twenty minute shower since... well. I don't know. I used to frequently, but since these stupid restrictions came into play I limit my indulgences until when I know for sure that I am home alone for a good weekend or whatever. I mean, I don't want to ruin the planet, but then I figure I may as well use the household's water supply. I mean, I enjoy my showers. I'm sure if I didn't use it, someone else would squander it on washing their dog or their Industrie jeans or something.

Anyhoo. Sydney. Very nice. Lots of vomit on the footpaths (like, seriously. I thought Prague had dirty footpaths, and Australia is a first world country) though, and despite the absolute shock of homosexual choice swarming on the streets, I struggled to find any attractive at all. But those were the only bad things, really. I ate well, drank well, and got lots of compliments, so I was quite happy. I even saw two of the girls from Australia's Next Top Model and Erika Heynatz on the street (separately!), so I felt very cool. Especially seeing Heynatz, as she obviously fancied herself being like Nicole Kidman or something, and was all with the mega-shades and Madonna-esque tacky jumpsuits, like "oh-don't-look-at-me-lookatme!" chic.

But yes. I could handle living down there, I think. The weather is just very perfect. I really am over horrid sub-tropical heat.

Although, next I'm heading to Melbourne, so we shall see which city outperforms which.

Although, I'm thinking of skipping Australia, and trying to work in either Sweden or Japan. Which I think I could handle, even though I don't speak Swedish or Japanese. I AM NOT UNSKILLED!!!!