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Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Oh, crap. I've just been playing around with my trimming shear-y thingies, and I've made a rookie error: not checking the fucking blade size. Ugh. So what was a planned tidy-up about the edges is now a complete sluttening of my genital region. Like, seriously. I feel like a prostitute. A very under-age prostitute. I'm normally so careful, but then BAM! Before I knew what was happening I had mowed off a patch of hair. It wasn't even in a decent position, so I couldn't just try and pretend that I had done it on purpose, like making one of those gruesome little square things. So instead I had to just grit my teeth and swipe away at the rest. UGH. I'm quite confident it will grow back, but I feel so shameful and exposed. It's quite a strange feeling. I mean, for women it's okay to go bald (unless you have droopy labia or a prolapse or whatever), but for men it's not quite as easy. At the moment I'm feeling a conflict of emotions: repulsion, embarrassment, kink, and vaguely slutty. I feel as if I'm only a short step from jumping into a leather harness, submitting myself to a fist, and then buying some Doc Martens or something. It's as if my life is suddenly dictated by what is (or isn't) there. How ridiculous. I don't even have much there at the best of times. I wonder what the transition would be like if I had one of those big black bushy things that non-blonde people get. Humm. Maybe a big-bushed reader could do a little experiment for me, and let me in on the report...