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Wednesday, May 23, 2007
This story about that old bastard who wants to buy a house for the mother of her abandoned snot annoys me on so many levels. Firstly, why would you want to force this woman--who obviously has some serious issues--to raise a defenceless baby? People, dumping this baby was probably the best thing for it in the long run! The mother was probably some whore, cracked out of her mind. I'm pretty sure getting raised by someone else, scoring surely hundreds of thousands of dollars in charity, and then being able to sell her story in ten years to New Idea for five million is much more preferable to the life she would have lead with her biological mother. She probably would have been thrown down the In-Sink-Erator, or been prostituted to the mother's pimp for a pack of rollies or something.

Secondly, the old man is creepy. Like, the way he was lasciviously grinning into the camera lens during the news broadcasts this afternoon was most off-putting. You can't tell me that this man is normal. I mean, did you see his house? Ew. He had like, a red tiled drive, and from what short shots there were of his house's exterior, it looked like one of those cheap houses you find in those Asian-ified suburbs around the place. Tinny, yellow (the colour, I mean, I didn't mean it to sound racist!), devoid of soul. If he's such a wealthy property developer, wouldn't he have a nicer place?

Thirdly, if this woman DID take up his offer, what's to stop her from just selling it straight away and buying $300k of heroin? I mean, would it be her house? Because if so, she could do what she liked. If it was still his house, or had some sort of weird contract-y/clause-y thing on it, that would give him a lot of power over her and the baby. Again: creepy.

The whole thing is just stupid. I think the Australian media is beefing this up a lot just to keep up with that whole Madeleine hoo-ha. I'm sorry, but JK Rowling's 30 bazillion pound reward is a lot more enticing than a shitty flat in the middle of Derrosville.