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Thursday, May 24, 2007
To continue the "Australian media smells" theme, I just saw that (according to Reader's Digest) Bindi Irwin is Australia's 6th most trusted person! I'm sorry, but when I was like, her age, I used to pretend a mis-matched black square of cement on our street was ceiling of my secret cave and was filled with rubies and He-Man paraphernalia. I also used to tell my teachers that my parents were children's book writers from a far-away country. Knowing how stupid and deceitful children can be, I cannot understand why people would trust her. Is naivety a good thing? Is it because she's a robot, and therefore her good wiring and programming is without fault? It's just stupid. Well, the whole poll is stupid. I mean, Australia's 100th most trusted person is that Muzzie Sheik Al-Jazeera MeccaBah Botswana whatever who thinks all women should be raped and smell like off meat and not fish. I mean, I know that they mean he is Australia's least trusted person, but they could have distinguished that a bit better. And Princess Mary is number 11! Why?! Because... she got married? She's not even Australian anymore!

But come to think of it, Bindi and Suri Holmes-Cruise would get on really well, don't you think?