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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Ugh, I attempted to watch a bit of It Takes Two until Top Model started, but I just couldn't stand it. I saw Jade McCuntingCrae and... some other vaguely bi-racial looking "celebrity" (seriously, why team them up? Does their mutual latte-coloured skin force them to be together? Can they only be realistically romantically involved with each other (because for some reason they not only have to sing, but also perform some convoluted dance routine or other such pointless nonsense)? Would Australian viewers freak out of one of them sang with a whitey? I didn't see Ernie Dingo sing, but I bet he was paired with Yothu Yindi). I also saw the end of Daniel Kowalski, and man. What a poof! Cap Guy said he once went on a date with him, but I didn't believe him. But now I sort of do. He was all gay-smiles and tongue poking out, etc. Haux-maux. I bet those rumours about him and Bruce McAvaney are true too (thanks Google!).