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Thursday, May 10, 2007


(I know it's a seemingly blatant rip-off, but I honestly was about to post the exact same thing!)

But yes. Incredibly creepy. He looks like one of those cheerleader-type things in that Aphex Twin video. Or like some retarded child was mucking about on Photoshop and set the image to "swirl". Or that he is somehow a strange genetic blend of lizard and the clown from It, complete with Reese Witherspoon's forehead and that Dancing with the Stars judge's hairline. Yuck.

As much as the producers of Big Brother like to pretend, there are more than two attractive gay men in Australia. Like, I'm one of them, and I know there must be more (maybe a bit like me with biceps or something) out there. I mean, at times I feel vastly unattractive compared with some homos I see about the place. Admittedly that doesn't happen too often, but I know hot, rich, intelligent, sarcastic homos are out there somewhere. My theory is that these types must be too boring to be picked by the producers. But then that would be like shooting myself in the foot, so instead I'll just choose to believe that homos like me are just too intelligent to even apply for such culturally bankrupt idiocy.

You know the show is in trouble when Johnny is the most attractive homo-housemate Big Brother has ever had.