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Thursday, June 28, 2007
I'm like, totally ├╝ber-thin at the moment. Normally I would be all excited and shit, as my cheekbones become more pronounced, adding a nice accentuation to my rather refined features, and my hip bones tend to slightly stick out over my Acnes (which I'm down to like a 31! All you people with under 31 waists I don't want to hear from you). I'm totally into heroin chic at the moment. ANYWAY, I'm usually quite pleased by thinness as it normally speaks well of my social life. Like, before when I was all thin it was because I was being a badass clubber, smoking, sleeping all day, all that kind of totally hardcore shit. Now I'm all thin because my sister has become one of those annoying vegans (although thankfully not a lesbian. Although I do know my mother has taken to wearing Birkenstocks, although thankfully not those obnoxious sandal ones or the faux-thongs...hmmm...). So anyway, being the kind brother that I am, I have been making her vegan (hehe I wrote "vagan") meals. Today I made vegan curry and vegan pumpkin scones.

Barf. Barf.

Just one point: whoever said freaking molasses was a suitable replacement for egg was like, clinically retarded and ought to be pushed around in a pram like that drooling 12 year old boy in that rather natty hat I saw being wheeled down Elizabeth Street the other day by his poor, overburdened grandparents.

And another point: do you know why Indian people smell and no one wants to sit next to them on public transport? THEY EAT FREAKING CURRY!!!! Evil, evil slop. Well, Bombay Potatoes are kinda cool, and everyone likes that bread stuff. Other than that, it's no wonder they like to hide out in cardboard boxes and the like.

Okay. Just had to get that off my chest.

In conclusion: Dawei = thin. Veganism = annoying and time-consuming. Andrew G = looks like Dawei (only ugly) and is vegan and is therefore a contradiction. Dawei = in love with Darian from Sailor Moon. Okay, that isn't really related, but I've been watching it on DVD, and I think he's my dream man. If only he was European, homosexual, rich, and, like, not a cartoon.