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Thursday, July 12, 2007
Did y'all know Stan Zemanek died? Nope, neither did I. Huh. Also: Prue MacSween is (or was, I guess) his publicist, which explains her omnipresence on Beauty and the Beast back in the day. BatB used to be part of my skipping-uni TV schedule (followed by Oprah and Passions), so it is quite sad in a way. But then again, he was a complete ass, which is now explained by the grapefruit-sized tumors in his brain that killed him! And I preferred Doug Mulray, anyway. I don't think Zemanek was much of an icon; I mean, John Laws and... that other guy. Paedophile-glasses guy? Yeah. I think they were the "icons" of idiot asshat Australians avec microphone. But I think Zemanek was the lesser evil of that big-mouthed, self-inflated triumvirate, so I suppose it's sad, in a way.

In other more important news, today a wild duck was swimming in my pool!