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Wednesday, July 04, 2007
Haha, I just got quite a hilarious email from my mother. At the moment she and my father are in London, and they are all concerned that they will be suspected as terrorists. This email was written very poorly (all lower-case, letters missing, etc.), and talked about how they were in some cafe when police suddenly swarmed on some random parked car, sirens blaring. Mum and Dad hauled ass out of there. Of course, they thought there might be a bomb or whatever, but then she went on to say how they were forced to jump on a random bus, and how they aren't looking forward to Heathrow and flying into Queensland as she thinks that because they are doctors they will be interogated! My mother obviously likes a bit of drama, but the crappy writing style and the details of them fleeing from police gave a very Da Vinci Code-esque feeling. Insert high cultural and snobbish remark about The Da Vinci Code here.