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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I don't get people's fascination with Daniel Radcliffe. I mean, he's kind of a block-head, has a twatty accent (I am well aware that some English accents are nice; however, his is quite irritating in a plummy, faux-educated sort of way), and honestly: Harry the character is completely unlikeable in book-form. Just because Daniel manages to also capture this on film does not make him particularly talented or likeable. Have y'all actually read these books lately? Harry is friggin' annoying. Like, bitch, just shut the fuck up and go tell Dumbledore that Voldemort is on your ass. And meanwhile, drop your idiotic and tiresome friendship with fucking Ron, who not only is ginger but a fucking pain in the fucking ass. And a complete sponge! I'm so pissed off that Hermione is going to end up with Ron, when she could have scored a hot, bookish, vaguely punk-y wizard or something.

So yes. I don't get the Daniel Radcliffe love. Harry is annoying, and Daniel is weird looking. Maybe people just like him as they are secretly into the whole paedophile thing. Which would explain why Daniel is so keen to show off his pubic hair at every possible chance. What else explains the above outfit? It's like, "oh no, I don't want to attract those paedophiles... instead I shall hope to turn on leather bears with riding crops, ball-mouth-gags, and crotchless chaps". UGH. People, the hottest character in Harry Potter is OBVIOUSLY Remus Lupin, and he is only hot because he and Sirius Black are obviously lovers. And they obviously have often enjoyed rough, doggy anal sex and sniffed each others butts and licked come off each other when they were in dog form (and in those magnificent four-poster, crimson-clothed Gryffindor beds). Honestly, if you don't believe me, go look at some fan art of that particular(ly obvious) relationship. Some of it is HAWT. And yes, I know that makes me a nerd but I don't care. It's less uncool than crushing on Daniel "eyebrows" Radcliffe.