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Thursday, August 02, 2007
"Anyway I'll be going now," he added.

Clearly disgusted, Koch replied: "And you may not be coming back."

Coleman then tried to justify himself by yelling from backstage: "The kids would be in school by now."

Not trying to be all Potter-centric here, but I've been busy "neener-neener"ing everyone I know who currently has the flu who were too scared to get the flu shot or believed it would make them get sick. HA! The flu is not a cold. Flu and cold symptoms are totally different. And there is no live virus in the flu shot anyway.


So yes, I haven't had much time for much else. But when I heard that this guy on Sunrise got FIRED for ruining the end of a novel that's been out for ages, I was, like, all, wha? I mean, the ending is hardly a shock. Hermione doesn't turn out to have a penis, and Ron hasn't actually been dead the entire time. Harry defeats Voldemort. Was anyone actually shocked by that? And if you thought that Harry was going to die... AS IF! How many books are there where the main character has been successfully killed off? And Rowling, charming writer as she is, could never pull off such a feat.

And as for the parents ringing up and complaining: if you were letting your child watch TV at 7.45am on a school day you should be prosecuted for child abuse. I cannot STAND parents who let their kids watch TV in the mornings. Same as for parents who give their sprogs Cocopops. And if your child sneakily watches TV behind your back, and is watching Sunrise instead of cartoons like a normal person, they deserved to be spoiled.

PS -- shut UP, Koch.