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Friday, August 31, 2007

What does it say about me that I think I really want to have hot, anal intercourse with this rather ugly, effeminate character? I picture Husny's anus to be in a permanent state of ass-gape, however, I think he would be a really hot ride. I think I'm the only person on the planet who doesn't want to bone Johnny Depp, so it's not that. I think I have, like, a terrorist fetish. I mean, not like those ones with all the beards and chanting stuff. But I think there is something darkly sexual about a lot of bare-chested, deeply tanned young men running around in only towels (hopefully not on their heads), rubbing huge guns, sweating, yelling in Arabic and French, and rollicking around a maze of interlocking, earthy, dank caves. Husny looks as if he was just kept in said cave to be passed around in sadomasochistic games of pass-the-parcel, and yet I'm still not repulsed! Maybe I'm sexually repressed. Or am I just desperate for any sense of Pretty on this year's Australian Idol? Daniel with his chest hair and scarves is not doing it for me, and the only other guys who are any decent at all both have really bad haircuts. Come ON producers! Who wants to watch Australian Idol for the singing? How boring.