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Thursday, September 13, 2007
I wonder if when Gordon "Donkey" Sloan was busy flapping his supposedly enormous cock about the Big Brother house back in 2001, he could possibly know his death would be reported long after he had been forgotten by the majority of popular culture memory. I suppose it says something about me that I remembered him; although I will admit that my attention span of Big Brother runs to male contestants who are ripped and hung. Not that I thought he was particularly attractive (and what was with that whole "Flash" thing?), and his hair was ew. But I did enjoy watching him surreptitiously masturbate once on Big Brother Uncut.

What else did I learn from the news tonight? That the most noteable thing about Anna Bligh, Queensland's first female premier, is that apparently she shares a love of "fine clothes and shoes" with Quentin Bryce, one of two female Queensland Governors since 1860. Nice reporting, Channel 9. Way to support those women in power.