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Friday, September 21, 2007
Oh my God! I am so impressed with myself. I totally stimulated socio-political debate! I feel so mature and proper. I feel like... The Onion. Or Miranda Devine. Or one of those serious bloggers. I feel so inspired, I think I'm going to do a full Dawei-commentary on the federal election.

But now I just have to balance my new-found social intelligence with some mindless consumerism. It's my birthday quite soon (am I the only nerd who gets excited when your birth date is discovered to be the expiry date on milk cartons?), so Mother sent me to do some shopping with her card. But I'm feeling much more mature now, so I didn't run quite as rampant as I might have done in my more carefree years. Like, I was in this shop, and I saw a pair of shorts. (I must briefly get sidetracked here and remind everyone that I actually HATE shorts, and I don't really have the legs for them, but unfortunately they are quite necessary in this climate. If I could never wear shorts or thongs again I would be most happy (and as for people who wear shorts with "dressier" shoes trying for that preppy, rich kid look in bars or other inappropriate situations, you have my utmost scorn and embarrassment)). Anyway, I saw these shorts that were semi-passable, only to discover that they were like, $250. For shorts! Men's shorts! Uhm, okay, whatever. I think homo designers have lost the plot. I mean, I was in another shop, and felt bad because I had just spent $150 on shorts. I felt at the time a little stupid for spending (what I thought was) extravagantly on an item of clothing I despise, but that was mild with the next pair of shorts I saw. Who would spend $250 on shorts? They were semi-cute, but please. Hardly anyone looks good in shorts. I think only Swedish people should be allowed to wear them (and I've recently become aware that not all Swedish people are tall Nordic blond Gods: some are particularly troll-like and brunette, so I'm not so sure even they can pull them off).

Anyway. Long story short (har): I'm 25 soon. Can you believe I've been blogging for like, 5 years now? I'll spare you the details of my midlife crisis, but I'm trying to get through. Tomorrow I'm going to our beach house for a week, so I'm going to tan and sun-bleach myself into oblivion. I'm hoping I will emerge from being 25 a little wiser, a lot browner, and not too much noticeably older. Rah!