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Wednesday, September 19, 2007
This story makes me feel sick. Fucking lesbians! No wonder nobody likes you. I'm not normally very gay pride (not that I really count lesbianism as gayness as it's gross and unnatural), but this story makes me ashamed to be all homosexually. Like, listen you lesbo bitch, one of the few good things about being a lesbian is that you can somewhat easily have children with your "significant other". We proper male-homos don't have that luxury. We have to adopt a child that is obviously not of our own ethnicity in order to fulfill those deep primal pangs of genetic succession and creating a family bond. All you have to do is be basted. And as for suing your doctor because you got knocked up twice? Big deal. Doesn't that happen all the fucking time with IVF? Just scrape one of those fuckers out. If you predict that it will only cost 400 grand to raise one of your unfortunate sprogs, I'm sure she would have preferred to have been flushed down the toilet instead of surely being forced to wear some reject Big W pink singlets and cheap Betts Kids shoes.

Maybe I feel so angry because my parents are doctors and they go absolutely apeshit at stories like these. But I think it's that, combined with the lesbian factor, combined with the fact that this couple can have a baby and then proceed to bitch about it. Like, the babies in question weren't even Downers! And I'm not a doctor or anything, but I'm pretty sure that people don't only get morning sickness with twins. Duh. These kids are going to have enough issues what with them having two mums (who probably are both butch and have razor-cut hair and drive SMART cars or some shit). How are they going to feel when they know that at least one of them isn't wanted? Fucking homos. This is why there is legislation against our equal rights!