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Thursday, November 29, 2007
I know no one cares about election issues anymore, and I don't want to start thinking about the next federal election (this ain't America, people! Can you believe they STILL haven't worked out the Hilary/Obama problem, despite seeming YEARS of campaigning? And you thought 10 days of Work Choices ads were bad!). However, what are the Libs thinking putting in Brendan "Vagina Mouth" Nelson as leader? Is the party that much of a collective masochist? Guh. Malcolm Turnbull would be a much more worthy advisary for Rudd, and I find him rather dashing and charismatic, which, hey, I think 90% of people vote for.

Sidenote: You should have seen the ferals at my polling station. UGH. This is an actual dialogue said by a 20-ish year old looking girl behind me in the queue.

Obnoxious 20-ish-Looking Girl Wearing Havianas and Fake Chanel Sunglasses: This is, like, my first time voting! They sent me, like, a letter. Thanks for coming with me to vote, Dad! Oh look! Absent voting station! You could vote for Mum here, Dad!

Dawei: *passes out from noxious idiot fumes*

Anyway, not to say that I don't want Rudd to do well. I really do. This election I voted Labor, and I hope he doesn't fuck it up. I'm one of those annoying swinging voters. My half-and-half political views probably comes from my parents, as my mother is a rabid Liberal, while my father is very Left (although if you asked him his political views he'd say he is an Anarchist). While I don't think Rudd will really scrap Work Choices (he will "tinker" with it, I'm sure) or make huge environmental bounds (flavour of the month, much?) I do hope he does make some nice social improvements in Australia, making our education (*coughTERTIARYcough*) system world-class, and maybe a better health system. Of course, if he can keep the economy running too that would be nice. I don't want to have to travel with our Aussie dollar being worth shit again.

Oh, and put an Australian Republic back on the agenda. And then push it through anyway, regardless of "public" thought. And give South-East Queensland Daylight Savings. Actually, I think that might be the one thing Rudd will definitely do. Traveling between Brisbane and Canberra would be such a bitch with that hour missing.