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Thursday, December 13, 2007
I promise I'll be better with my blogging soon. But I'm just so stressed out at the moment. I'm totally in organisation mode. I've just had my mother's 1000th birthday dinner to organise, and now it's, like, Christmas in ten days or some shit. I have NO presents, people. To make matters worse, I've just realised that I'm starting a week on the Sunshine Coast soon! Ugh. So I've been in a flurry buying magazines, and getting a new pair of suitably-slutty-yet-not-totally-obscene DTs I can wear to get a nice tan (as it is perfectly acceptable to look like cheap Eurotrash on our Northern coast). Although it's probably going to rain the entire time. Eh.

Oh, and I've lost my mobile phone, which is so annoying as I actually paid for it with my own money. Like, from my savings account! That will teach me to be financially independent.