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Monday, December 24, 2007
Merry Christmas, y'all! I'm trying to get into the festive season as much as possible, despite the fact that here in lame Australia there is no snow, or no smell of undrinkable mulled wine in the air, and all that other unfortunate Northern crap that I've been (well, we as a collective whole) have been illusioned with as being what is definitively "Christmas". Not that I'm being a total grouch; I've been "Christmas drinks"-ing like a beast (finally had my last ones tonight, oh, approximately twenty-two minutes ago), and I've wrapped all my presents in somewhat coordinated decoration. Oh, and I'm just back from a week on Hastings Street too, so I'm all relaxed and shit. Not that the weather is so great. It actually rained for like, three of the days, so I'm not as bitchin' brown as I would have liked. I did use our private roof-top spa that overlooked the ocean a lot. Mostly for sex. I shall never again look at someone who owns a spa the same way. Do people use them for anything else, other than exchanging body fluids? In fact, Cap Guy and I didn't do it anywhere else than in the spa (although that's not saying something, as I think we only did it like, three times, and once I had to mostly polish myself off as I had focussed too much on servicing his dick... ugh, sexual dynamics are so complicated sometimes). Although it's not as if we ever really do it on a bed anyway. He never really stays at my place, and he hates doing it on his bed as it's always made daily with starched sheets and hospital corners, and he has artfully arranged throw cushions and all that shit that he hates to mess up, so doing it in the spa is much preferable to where we normally do it, which is in his walk-in dressing room thing, or his bathroom. Hee hee.

Okay, I'm getting distracted.

The main point was that it's Christmas, and I'm saying hi. I shall also say Happy New Year in case I don't get another chance (I'm going next week to my family's beach house on the southern coast, yay). I have a few New Year's resolutions that I really am intending to keep this year. In case you are interested:

1. Become employed.
2. Join a gym.
3. Paint my room.
4. Give up, or at least cut down my Diet Coke consumption.
5. Move to the Netherlands.
6. Take lessons in two more languages.

All doable I think!