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Thursday, January 10, 2008
Overheard in Louis Vuitton:

Dawei: *talking with sales assistant*

*crazed stomping of two noxious, manorexic fags with bad blond tips*

Crazed Noxious Fag #1: *thrusting hand out and pointing, directing speech to another sales person standing next to Dawei's sales assistant* Let me see that small satchel bag over there!

Sales Assistant: Uhm... this one?
Crazed Noxious Fag #2: Yes, with the zzzzzzzzi-hp!
Sales Assistant: Actually, it's a bum bag.

Crazed Noxious Fags
: *both fondle and examine product*

Crazed Noxious Fag #1
: How much is it?
Sales Assistant: It's *searches*... $1100.

*stony silence from the homosexual department*

Crazed Noxious Fag #2: It's... nice.
Crazed Noxious Fag #1: Yes... Thank you.

*stomping from Crazed Noxious Fags as they both flee store*

Dawei's Interior Reaction: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Dawei's Exterior Reaction: *smirk, eyebrow flick at own sale's assistant*

Sigh. Homos, please. Let's try to keep it together. I know most of the sales assistants at Louis Vuitton are Asiatics, but still. A little decorum is in order, n'est pas?