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Wednesday, April 02, 2008
First off, ignore any comment-posting from anyone named "Dawei" in my comments: so clearly not me. Like, if you can't come up with an original diss at me, Monsieur Faux Dawei, at least try to mimic my acidic way of dealing with other triflings/plebs, mmkay?

Secondly, sorry I haven't been around much of late; I will try to fix that in future. I know most of you really do miss my frequent witticisms, etc. I've just been busy. A couple of things in the possible pipeline (and no, I don't mean a throbbing cock in my arse-sleeve--recently I've discovered I'm a resolutely dominant top, and proud of it--so don't get too excited about the possible double entendre), which I'm sure to mention in future if they at all become somewhat close to fruition.

Thirdly, I'm just home from Róisín Murphy: she was ace! But as her videos and albums etc., have been a bit avant-garde fashion-wise, there were a few unfortunates who were obviously trying to get in on the spirit of things. Like, girls with bad blacked, bobbed hair, 1930s school mistress shoes like it was 2004 again, and sequined tops. One woman, and I'm not joking, was wearing SHREDDED jeans and a pink tutu bow over the top. Seriously. I was pleased I played it safe with my lacquered-on black jeans, and double-weird-layered t-shirts--the outer of which is basically being made from spandex, and with a deep scoop neck to my navel--very chic, yet not too showy, you know? I'm totally into Swedish style at the moment. Anyhoo, Róisín was tops. Her whole show was like, a big-ass DJ-mixed set; "Overpowered" being the finale: the regular single mixed with more badass 80s beats, mixed with Doctor Who, mixed with a hat. It was tops. I think several people took my photo, so that's the main thing though, right?