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Thursday, April 10, 2008
Jacob said something in my comments recently, about how I have a seven year "head start" on the gay sex--because I'm SO much older than he is!--thing (although I'm sure some guys are having gay anal intercourse at like, eleven, but I'm sure they aren't really enjoying being fucked by their fathers or gang members out for revenge, etc.), and it really got me thinking about young homos. I've noticed lately that young gay youths are looking, well, even gayer than normal. I don't know if it's because it's more socially acceptable to be gay, therefore encouraging more flamboyancy, or if I'm just getting older and wiser, comfortably seating myself in the Gay Old Timer's Armchair of Bemusement, feeling all superior about the seemingly pathetic antics of my younger brethren. But young homos seem to be getting skinnier, more thin-limbed; their mouths seem always to loll open stupidly (and when they speak it's loud and banal), and their faces are just... dang. Of course, there are some hot ones who look like they are fresh from rowing training at highschool, but I'm speaking generally.

Of course, I've never been much for "the scene", and it's probably exactly the same as it always is, except I'm getting older and therefore notice all these things, but you know. I'd rather blame everyone else, rather than face the facts that I am "maturing". Shudder.

Although I do think that today's young gays are bolder. I mean, one of the charms--and curses--of being relatively attractive is that I get hit on a lot. And I DON'T just mean by lecherous poofters, although I do get a lot of those. But the other day I'm positive I was being hit on my a 15 year old kid! I'm sure he was hitting on me. He complimented me on my shoes as I was like, walking around the 'burbs. And not in a "mad hightops, yo" way, as I wasn't even wearing appealing shoes for a 15 year old (they were crinkly hardcore leather boots under black jeans). And he was one of those fey looking skater kids, with quite luscious shoulder-length brown hair and painted-on jeans. He WILL be boneable in a number of years, but not yet. I mean, I like a sluttily shaven patch as much as the next person but only when you know it isn't naturally so (and then the novelty wears off post-cummage). Grr. He so was giving off signals. Stupid slutty homos! The sad thing is, he probably has daddy issues if he was hitting on me. Le sigh.