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Wednesday, September 08, 2004
I am a moron. I thought I was finished uni for the term, but it turns out I have another two weeks to go. What's up with that? Aren't exams usually in the last week of term or so? Stupid uni, making me feel dumb. I finished my last exam yesterday, and when I got out I was all "woohoo!" and yelled "I'm on holidays now! Smell ya on the flip-side, suckas!" and then about five people pointed out that there was still two weeks to go, and I nearly started to cry. Ah well, at least I've finished the bulk of assessment for the term I guess. Even though these exams have completely arse-raped me bareback. And now with two weeks to go, I'll probably get them back and my tutors will mock my insignificant knowledge of Marxism and language development. Meh.

But check out Dawei's House, it's totally expanded. I've updated Ask Dawei (and have more to do soon), and I've put up my Frequently Asked Questions. Of course, no one ever asks me questions except for maybe "spare change?" so I had to write them myself. But feel free to ask questions if you want to know more, I like feeling desired.

PS -- my one homo friend has found a new love interest about three weeks after breaking up with his ex. What a cunt. So that has made me determined to find Cap in Bar Guy and one-up him. Our friendship is built on such loving grounds, isn't it?

PPS -- it's my birthday soon, so spend up big, plebs. I will hopefully provide a list of desired things to make things a bit simpler for you less creative people.