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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Sniff, thanks for all the warm wishes about the dearly departed kitty. We haven't found her maggot-ridden corpse yet, but I dare say we will be smelling it soon. Photos will be uploaded when that happens. Kisses.

But in other (good!) news: hot Scandinavian dude is soooo definitely gay. Goddamn, my gaydar is unstoppable! Not even accents or scarily chiselled Scandinavians can get past me! For some reason this has bouyed my spirits tremendously. I've decided that my entire sense of self-worth will be based on whether he thinks I'm attractive or not. It's quite strange, really. It's not as if he's THAT hot. Off the top of my head I can think of several things that are unsavoury about him, and things that would need changing: hair? Too straw like and gel-y (EW on the gel, by the way. The only crusting agent in his hair should be my steaming hot boy-jism). Underwear? Appeared to be grey and bought in a multipack. Neck hair? Present. Bag? Still ratty and cheap. He was wearing cute shoes today though. His pointy, wolfy look is almost unappealing, but at the moment I still think he is a'ight. We pointy folk need to stick together.

And yes, I know I'm in a relationship at the moment, so don't worry. I'm not the slutty type who would fool around outside the relationship (I won't name blogger names, ahem ahem). But for some reason I think I need the confidence boost. Or more likely, I'm just a skanky, skanky slut. Sigh. I just need some validation people, is that too much to ask?!

So next week I must impress him. I only got two phone numbers last semester, and they were both mingers. Well, one was decent enough for a drunken fuck I suppose, but that's not saying much. When this Scandinavian is suitably smitten and in love with me (and hey, who wouldn't be? Dawei is the bomb when it comes to the fags) my ego will be sufficiently boosted and I will revel in happiness and puppies and rainbows and life will be sweet again. And you know, it's quite comforting that every crush I've had I've boned. Except for that guy who worked at Coles, but he doesn't count. Hmph.