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Thursday, February 08, 2007
So, about nine months after the last Shave for a Cure thing we are forced to live through another one? UGH. How about letting it rest a full year, guys? I'm sure the people who actually WOULD shave their heads are still growing out last years. If that were the case, then re-shaving them wouldn't be particularly "brave" (which is the nauseating theme this year, as if one who chooses not to look like a hoodlum or ill person is a coward or weakling. How offensive!). Rather, it would just be like having a trim.

Especially annoying are those ads with those upside-down faces that look like eggs. I particularly dislike the one with the little cancerous munchkin who is all "when I went to school for the first day and they saw my shaved head they sent me to the counsellor's office and then I was all 'be brave miss and shave'".

Firstly: they even have counsellor's offices in primary school? I thought only hypersensitive and dysfunctional American children would be indulgent enough to have one of these at their disposal from such a young age. Go play on the swings and use Clag and eat fairy bread or whatever. And anyway, I doubt they'd call it a "counsellor's office" -- that's much too clinical and mature.

Secondly: I highly doubt that a kid with cancer would be mistaken for a thuggy, bogan kid in need of magical counselling.

Thirdly: I don't like the idea of this brat telling her teacher that she needs to be brave to shave her head. I mean, shut up kid. And also, if the school has such a strict no-shaven-head policy, why would she run straight from the counsellor's office (which is clearly to enforce the school's policy about appropriate hair cuts, and shows the extent of the importance of said policy) to shave her head, putting herself at aesthetic, professional, and social risk?

Fourthly: the ads still do a tremendous back flip. They always say "Be brave! Shave (or colour!) your hair!" Sorry, but colouring your hair makes you a WUSS. It is not brave to go for the soft option. Isn't the whole point meant to be to empathise with chemo people? People colour their hair all the time.

I think I had another point but I've forgotten. Needless to say I find this whole shaving season and its accompanying ads most annoying. Almost as annoying as the platinum blond faggot cheerleader in the "How do you feel, Phil?" ads. Go away, bad hair people.